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Dermal fillers are designed to add volume and create an instantly lifted, firmer and contoured appearance. Dermal fillers are perfect for plumping areas of the face that have lost their fullness and hydration. The process involves an injection of hyaluronic acid, a natural skin component that provides volume and hydration. The results are instant, making it the ultimate anti-ageing solution.

Dermal fillers are the safest, most effective anti-ageing solution on the market today, offering a variety of options that create natural to dramatic volume, with results lasting from six to twenty-four months. The treatment is completely safe and requires minimal downtime, with very few side effects. Maintenance treatments are required every six to twenty-four months, and a customised treatment plan by one of our injectors will be designed to meet your requirements.


When performing dermal fillers, we use ultra strong local anaesthetic cream to minimize any discomfort. Ice packs can be used to minimize swelling. The procedure takes around 30 minutes, with immediate results.

The longevity of the filler varies, depending on the thickness, the amount of the product, and the location injected. In general the thicker the filler and the greater amount is injected, the longer it will last.

Thickest Fillers: 12-24 months , these fillers will give the most lift as the particle size is the largest. They are best in all areas of the face except under the eyes. They are also excellent for reinforcing or enlarging structures such as cheek bones, jawlines, and chin.

Medium Grade Fillers: 9 – 12 months. These are mid range thickness and best suited for: lips, smoker’s lines, under eye hollows, most wrinkles, nose reshaping.

Some clients may experience mild discomfort; therefore, anaesthetic may be applied to the area being treated for a more comfortable treatment. Because the lips are an extremely sensitive part of the body, anaesthetic is always used for patients who receive lip fillers.

Which areas can I target?

Dermal fillers can be used to treat a variety of areas such as: nasolabial lines (lines from the nose to the mouth); marionette lines (lines from the mouth to the chin) and lips (to enhance or restore volume and definition) tear troughs (under eyes), cheeks, chin and jawline.


The results of Dermal filler treatments vary, however, most products last 6-12 months.

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