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Acne is a common chronic skin condition that affects teenagers and about 20% of adults. It usually occurs due to abnormal development of cells inside the hair follicles in the skin which leads to clogging and excess production of oil and accumulation of bacteria.

Acne breakouts occur on the face, chest, back and shoulders, and there are many different types of acne such as whiteheads (closed comedones), blackheads (open comedones), pimples (pustules), and cysts (deep nodules).


At Revita Skin Clinic, we offer different types of treatments for acne. Each acne program is tailor-made for the individual client and may contain a number of treatment modalities such as:

IPL/Laser Treatments, Chemical Peels, Light Therapy, Facials, Microdermabrasion, Home Care

Laser therapy works by concentrating light that penetrates the skin on the premise of exciting compounds that bacteria produce called porphyrins. When the laser light excites the porphyrins, this damages the bacterial wall and effectively kills the bacteria.

Most clients do not experience pain, however post treatment, a slight flush can be expected across the treated area(s), which will subside within a few hours.


Treatment plans will be customized during your initial consultation, taking into consideration the severity of your acne.

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